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My career seriously began in 1982 when I graduated as a medical manager.  With this chosen field of employment I had the privilege to work in various medical specialties.  I must say - that was very educational.  I loved it.  After 15 years of medical management, my interest shifted or "lets say - grew".  I wanted to work in patient care, but on a unique path.  A path that could give me the ability to encourage or assist individuals to a healthier life style.  I looked into nursing school and that avenue did not appeal to me.  So, I looked into massage therapy. I knew immediately this type of alternative medicine knowledge, Massage Therapy,  could give me an opportunity to achieve my goal.
In 1997, I graduated from Florida Therapeutic Massage School.  Since then I have been practicing massage therapy and continuing my health care education.  In areas such as:  fibromyalgia, arthritis, cervical, hand & spine disorders, physical therapy rehabilitation, hospital based massage, nursing home and geriatric massage, lymphatic drainage and advance (spa) relaxation massage techniques, etc.  With this field, education is and can be endless.  That is exciting to me!  I truly appreciate and enjoy every aspect of my career.
I look forward to your massage sessions & watching, The "healthier you", achieve your goals.
Susan Marie Spiteri,LMT

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