Corporate Chair Massage

Chair Massage or Seated Massage alleviates stress, decreases repetitive motion inquiries, relieves tension in the neck, shoulder and back muscles.  Best of all it will increase performance for all individuals with any career style. Briefly, will address scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back utilizing either my Full Body Chair or Portable Desk Top.  Your choice:} 
A brief consult regarding your medical history will be discussed.  Available by appointment within your business world. Then you will be instructed to sit on a upright adjustable chair, fully clothed.  Oil free lotion or no lotion can be applied to exposed any skin.
The session can last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.  Techniques used are Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy and Acupressure.
Chair Massage is a healthy and relaxing time to treat a small group or even just yourself.

Advance notice is required with the understanding our weather might require us to reschedule on short notice.  Yes, we live on the coast:}
Cost: $1.25 per minute
Call to discuss schedule time(s).  Multiple visits may be required with quantity of individuals

Fully Clothed, Non-Oil Massage

Yes, its true, therapeutic massage can still be received fully clothed.  With this choice, you will be instructed to lay face-up on a compression massage mat to loosen up those over-tight muscles (heat is optional).  During this time you can enjoy a soothing scalp (optional) massage while listening to your favorite relaxing music. 

Select from one of the following:  face & sinus or hands & feet.  Here, gentle acupressure or trigger point touch will be applied.
Wear soft loose fitted clothing.  Blue jeans would not be appropriate for fully clothed massage. 

Upon scheduling, please let me know your personal preferences.  This will give me advance notice on how to schedule:}

One-half Hour to Forty Five Minutes:  $1.00 Per Minute 

Relaxation Massage

Light to medium pressure using long flowing Swedish strokes to induce relaxation and improve circulation. One essential oil is included upon request.
One-half Hour: $35.00
Forty Five Minutes: $50.00
One full Hour: $65.00
One full Hour Couples: $125.00

Orthopedic Medical Massage

Other popular names for type of massage is Therapeutic Massage and Prescription Massage.
Susan Marie Spiteri, LMT's  Medical Massage typically incorporates a variety of massage techniques to the problematic muscles  and utilizes trigger point therapy to promote pain relief and healing.  With this massage any where from light to firm pressure is applied.  Stretches can be used of course according to clients diagnosis and tolerance. 
One-half Hour:  $35.00
Forty Five Minutes: $50.00
One full Hour:  $65.00

Sports Massage

Sport Massage is designed for anyone that works out regularly.  It is used to prevent injuries, heal & recover from an injury.

Other benefits include:  more flexibility, less fatique, more power and endurance.
Session time typically takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes.  Multiple massage techniques are applied to the specific muscle groups to promote oxygen and blood flow, range of motion and begin the healing process. Each session is individualized, according to your specific concerns. 

*Sessions are by appointment.
1 Hour $65.00
Forty Five Minutes: $50.00
One-half Hour:  $35.00

Swedish Lymph Massage

Excellent choice for individuals experiencing post surgical swelling, bruising, pain and/or sluggish scar healing. Swedish Lymph Massage is a light pressure technique but a very effective one with long light relaxing rhythmic strokes. Your mind will relax, however, your natural lymphatic system will increase. Decreasing pain and swelling allowing your body to heal at a faster rate. 

Multiple visits are typically required to reach maximum results. A treatment plan will be discussed during your initial session.

1 Hour $65.00

Back Massage with Scrub

Sometimes your back just needs all the attention.  A gentle cleanse and back scrub, with a "Finale" back massage.
One-half Hour: $45.00

Facial Massage

Gentle upward facelift strokes to promote that natural face lift encouragement.  Also,  those that suffer with allergies and plaqued with sinus congestion,  this massage will help break up the congestion.   Sinus Massage encourages circulation.   Request warm towels, face and neck stretches.
One-half Hour: $50.00

Maternity Massage

A relaxation Swedish Massage concentrating on just what a "mother to be" needs.
One hour: $65.00


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